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Sage Beef - Our Mission 

Welcome to Sage Beef, where our commitment to quality begins with the care we provide to our cows. We believe that happy and healthy cows fed a nutritious, well-balanced diet, result in exceptional beef products that feed families like yours. Discover how our dedication to progressive, adaptive, and sustainable farming practices sets us apart, providing delicious and wholesome beef products you can trust. We are here to transform the relationship between consumers and their food by creating a direct link to farms. We work with everyone along the supply chain, whatever your needs are we are here to fulfill them!

Always Progressive, Adaptive, and Sustainable Farming

At our farm, sustainability is a way of life. Our practices, from rotational grazing to waste reduction, prioritize land and animal well-being. We provide our cows with ample space, natural diets, and comfortable living conditions, resulting in high-quality beef products. Join us to savor sustainability on your plate.

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At Sage Beef, integrity, openness, and excellence are deeply ingrained values. We harmonize with the natural world - steadfastly dedicated to strengthening transparency of the entire agricultural supply chain, cattle health, and biodiversity - while enriching our ecosystems.

We NEVER use hormones in our cattle.
100% American Cattle, No Exceptions.

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